July 8, 2021

Benefits of learning python

programming python

Recently, I am enrolled in Udacity's AWS machine learning foundation course. They recommended that I should get familiar with python. So I got curious that what are the benefits of learning a brand new language which is highly popular and in demand?

According to stackoverflow developer survey 2020, python is 3rd most love language, and first most wanted language. That means 30% of the participant wanted to learn python. As well as, according to HackerRank, it is the second most in-demand programming language for the hiring managers in America.

Learning python benefit you in number of ways.

Data Science

As more and more people are connecting to internet, their activities are being stored as data by large companies. To use this data for the business purposes, they need people who can make actionable insight from the data. So the demand for data scientist is growing and python is the most popular programming language for data science. You can read more about data science career here.

Machine learning

Machine learning is a branch of artifical intelligence based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention. Machines are trained to make classifications and insight based on the data supplied. Companies like google, facebook and amazon are making heavy use of machine learning.

Web Development

It isn't all about data and algorithms that makes python so widely used programming language. Django is python framework that is popular for creating web applications and managing server side with python.


If you are into python, you can have so many options. As the language is versitile so is the career paths. As python is become increasigly popular, job demands for the involving python is getting higher and higher. Python is also easy to learn and have simple syntax. So you won't have any problem mastering it. Good Luck.