May 30, 2021

Contributing to open source and overcoming my fear.


As soon as I started writing code, I was looking for ways to somehow contribute to open-source. Why I felt that way? Well you can read the benefits of contributing to open-source for yourself here.

Wanting to do something is one thing but actually giving it a try, and sticking to it is another story. Whenever I look up at the issues even with good first time label in the repos with highest numbers of stars(the repos I wanted to make contribution to), It seems like I can't do it. If somehow I find an issue with trivial contribution, when it comes to setup project locally I simply give up.

A few days ago I came across a post which appeared on freecodecamp. It is a beginners guide on how you can contribute to open-source projects. I have read numerous guides before but nothing worked for me for some reasons(giving up, not giving much time, imposter syndrome etc). The attractive thing in there was a list of tools that I can use to find right repos/issues for a first time contributor.

The post lead me to another beautifull guide on how to contribute to open-source, (and their I see the first guy has copied most of the content from this guide). You can find the list of resources here. But I found gauger and goodfirstissues more helpful than the others.

After 9 months of job experience under my belt, It felt more compelling to me to start contributing. I found a repo which has an open issue for site title change. But knowing how to clone repo and setting it up for contribution is another step. I find this step by step guide very helpful.

My pull request was accepted by the author, and he even asked me to create a file and put my name in their. I happily did (let be honest, I committed empty file and forgot to put my name).

So you wanted to contribute to open-source. Let's go grab your first issue. It isn't intimidating anymore.