February 24, 2021

PHP is not dead

laravel php

Today, I was listening to Jeffrey's podcast. He was talking about React, who wants to sit at cool kids table. There is a lot of fuss about React. Newbie like me would think, oh yes it is used by so and so, then it must be the right thing.

I remember when I was first learning JavaScript, and I took numerous course on Udemy. There was React courses all over the place. One of the instructor explicitly talk about why you shouldn't be learning PHP and why he thinks it is dead. From that day, I kept myself away from learning any PHP stuff. I was a front-end developer back then and even once when in one of my client's project I had to change things in PHP code, I didn't think for a second about learning PHP, as it is dead.

But, 6 months ago I got a chance to work in a company, who Largely relies on a PHP framework Laravel. I only heard the name of Laravel before that and didn't know a single thing about the framework. But in the interview I said that even though I'm a front-end dev I wouldn't mind working on backend stuff. And man, Laravel is the most beautiful thing I come across in my small development work history.

Not did I just learn PHP but I also am comfortable with Laravel.

One thing that most of the new developers can't understand that there is no way that one language is dead in a matter of days. Espicially, comparision between JavaScript and PHP is fundamentaly wrong. They are just two ways of doing things.

With Just JavaScript (Node and React) you create client side applications. With PHP (Laravel, codeigniter) you build server side applications. They are two broder categories which I learn over time.

Even in server side application, they are not complete without using JavaScript. Offcourse you have to handle user interactions with the application.

Just don't make your decision blindly like me. There are just different ways of doing things. You just have to use them and see which one you like.

PHP powers wordpress websites, and there are all PHP frameworks out there. PHP is not dead and it is not going anywhere.