April 4, 2021

Do you work or do you play games? or both?


I have been playing games since my childhood and I have been playing Leage of Legends for well over 2 years now. Although due to poor internet connection and living far from my nearest server I hardly play any ranked games, but I still manage to spend some 500 hours on this game just in last year. That is a shame to be honest.

Even after getting my first job as an internee Software developer back in Aug, 2020, I didn't quit playing game just to ensuer I have some kind of entertainment. But after 8 months of professional work in a field that requires me to stay up to date. Continue playing video game is doing more harm than good. Less sleep means hard time at work. And no side projects or social life at all.

A few years ago, I was watching Dylan Israel saying he solid his gaming console. So that he can focus on his programming skills. I was amazed, why would someone do that? Isn't games supposed to entertain you when you are bore or tired of work?

Similarly in one of his videos, Traversy said he was fond of shooting games. But one day he realized he is doing no good to himself by killing bunch of computer guys. So he quit games to focus on his work. Now he has over 1 million subs on his youtube channel, and many successfull udemy courses.

I was in the same boat. Becoming Software Developer was my dream job. And I did fullfill my dream. I'm a full stack developer at a fintech company. But as I mentioned previously continue playing games is doing more harm than good for my profissional career. So I decided to quit games to focus on my career.

Video games can be a great source of entertainment but it can quickly become an addiction too. It is not a big problem If you can make a career in gaming too(gaming industary is booming right now, no joke), espicially if you are good at playing games. But if you are like me, you do have to work to make make a living, gaming can be a big hurdle to what you are doing.

After quiting games, I'm planning to spend more time on writing blog post, create side projects, take courses (right now taking Vue course) and work on Open Source projects.

I'm sharing this because as for Dylan, Traversy and me, many other people would be facing same problem. So if they find this post they know they are not alone. And they have the courage to quit games to focus on their career.

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